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9000 STEPS


Based on the act of walking, rich in significations, 9000 Steps constantly moves through a series of modifications relating to the individual as much as our shared organizations. Danced on a stage covered in salt to the seminal score of Drumming by composer Steve Reich, this piece takes place between the foot and the stage. Curves and circles inspired by geometric systems and mathematical sequences derived from the Fibonacci sequence are worked into the space and the salt in a radiant work which is very much the signature piece of Joanne Leighton.


Choreography and direction Joanne Leighton | Creadted in collaboration with Lauren Bolze, Marion Carriau, Alexandre Da Silva, Marie Fonte, Marie-Pierre Jaux, Arthur Perole | Music : Drumming by Steve Reich | Sound design : Peter Crosbie | Lighting Sylvie Mélis | Costumes Alexandra Bertaut | Decor Tovo & Jamil | Production WLDN | Coproduction CCNFCB, Le Granit Scène Nationale de Belfort | WLDN is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication; DRAC Île-de-France | Supported by Arcadi Île-de-France | Duration : 1h05 | Photos ©Laurent Philippe |