3 août 2019 :
Made in Graz, (AT) La Strada

6 juin 2020 :
Made In Saint-Ouen, Espace 1789, Scène Conventionnée Danse

Made in...Séries est une performance in situ, un portrait d’une ville, d’un paysage, d’une architecture en mouvement. Destinée à l’espace public extérieur et donc consciente d’un public de passage, cette création est entièrement connectée à la ville et à ses habitants.


Made in...Series is a mass-performance intergenerational choreography seeking to reveal and explore specific architectures of chosen sites or spaces. "Made in... Series" is a portrait of a city, a human landscape, a moving architecture, the mapping of a site.

Referencing land art and the use of organic shapes and natural materials, Joanne Leighton leads us to the essential. Through rituals and collective movements evoking rivers, waterfalls, rocks and landscapes, she makes a work of art, accessible to all. Together. A collective of inseparable individuals in constant metamorphosis. The participants crowd together, break loose, disolve into the ground, only to reappear later. The flock pulsates, setting themselves and the audience in motion, until the moment when everything stops and the world stands still.

Recreated in different sites, contexts or towns, Made In...Series is performed in museums and galleries, urban spaces, parks or squares,...


Made in Strasbourg, MAMCS
Made in Oldenburg , Festival Oldenburg (DE),
Made in Centre Pompidou de Metz,
Made in Charleroi, Charleroi Danses (BE),
Made in Vesoul, Théâtre Edwige Feuillère, Vesoul,
Made in Belfort, Salle des fêtes, CCNFCB
Made in Ballet de Nancy, CCN de Ballet de Lorraine,
Made in Paris, CDCN Atelier de Paris - June Events,
Made in Dijon, Atheneum, Dijon,
Made in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Le Rive Gauche,
Made in Perth (Australie), Strut Dance,
Made in Lycées FC, Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans,
Made in Nancy, CCN de Ballet de Lorraine,
Made in Freiburg, Theater Freiburg (DE),
Made in Belfort, CCNFCB
Made in Lausanne, (CH), le Marchepied,
Made in La Habana, (CUBA) Fabrica de Arte Cubano & Place Veija,
Made in Ivry, Ivry en Fête, ville d'Ivry & CDCN Val-de-Marne
Made in Malakoff, Théâtre 71 - Scène Nationale,
Made in La Briqueterie, CDCN Val-de-Marne
Made in Essonne, Domaine de Chamarande, avec le Collectif Essonne Danse
Made in Copenhagen, (DK) Metropolis, KIT - Copenhagen Internationale Theater
Made in Potsdam, (DE) Fabrik Potsdam - Parc Freundschaftsinsel & Film University

Chorégraphie et direction : Joanne Leighton | Musique & installation sonore : Peter Crosbie | Costumes & décor : Joanne Leighton | Artistes chorégraphiques Lauren Bolze, Marion Carriau, Alexandre Da Silva, Marie Fonte, Marie-Pierre Jaux | Production WLDN, coproduit par Pôle Sud et le CCNFCB | Durée : 45 min


Anne Massot, Administration


Made in Malakoff, photos©Joanne Leighton


Made in Strasbourg, MAMCS, Photos©Samuel Carnovali


Made in Nancy, photos©Joanne Leighton


Made in Belfort, photos©Joanne Leighton


Made in Freiburg, photo©Joanne Leighton


Made in La Habana, Focus Danse France, photo©Joanne Leighton