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Salt Circle is a ritual, both a performance and an installation, in which the choreographer Joanne Leighton proposes to a participative public to occupy the landscape by creating and walking on a circular salt path. The walk will create a physical language as well as a real presence; these actions inscribe the circle in space, like a drawing, by delivering the salt back to the ground. The circle of salt is like a piece of "choreographic land art", crossed by the steps and presence of the participants. In making this circle, we create and leave a story related to the place. The installation, along with the resulting images (photos, videos...), are simultaneously act and memory, witness of this performance. Joanne Leighton is interested in creating new paths, installing a plastic and theatrical language starting from the walk, the circle, the landscape.

Salt has also been an element of decor featured in several of Joanne Leighton's work such as 9000 Steps, The Songline, Salt Walk ... The salt used for Salt Circle comes from the last performance of 9000 Steps. The salt is the only lasting trace and physical testimony of this piece, like a cartography of the site, the footprints of the dancers and the performance itself.