Festival Concordan(s)e

Camille Laurens and Joanne Leighton met in the spring of 2018, and immediately found common ground around a shared desire in exploring walking and repetition as a creative starting point.

Walking composes, walking writes, walking invents an indissoluble link with the world. Especially in Deleuze's work, the act of repetition, of building sequences and series, can be read as a reflection on the passage of time, on alteration and otherness. The more repetition, the more difference. These shifts give us the opportunity to experience time - not time as a nihilistic return of the same, but as a joyful and affirmative differential repetition, a series of variations that shape a future. What spaces do our steps create ?
Camille Laurens et Joanne Leighton

L&L : Camille Laurens & Joanne Leighton | Writer : Camille Laurens | Choreographer : Joanne Leighton | Sound design : Peter Crosbie | Assistant : Marie Fonte | Costumes : Alexandra Bertaut | Duration : 35 minutes | Photos © Joanne Leighton | Coproduction WLDN | Commande du festival Concordan(s)e 2019 | Le Phare, Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Normandie | Supported by the Centre des monuments nationaux et la maison George Sand de Nohant | La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val-de-Marne à Vitry-sur-Seine | La Médiathèque d'Évreux |

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