6 novembre 2020

Espace Boris Vian, Les Ulis

16 mars 2021 + Traces Exquises
Festival Rencontres Essonne Danse,
Salle Pablo Picasso, La Norville

Displacing the role of the author and questioning the act of transmission, Corps Exquis : Exquisite Bodies updates the original version of the Exquisite Corpse that Joanne Leighton created in collaboration with 57 of her peers in 2012.

Now recreated in the form of three converging solos, the choreographer revisits the traces of a wide range of material with its contrasts and continuities. Building on the strength of the extraordinary content, three stunning dancers explore the rich landscape created by a vast diversity of movement material and contemporary choreographic ideas. Through this journey, both together and apart, they reactivate a choreographic game that questions the progression of material from one body to another.

This piece is accompanied by Exquisite Traces, an installation of documents and materials from the process of Corps Exquis, and Exquisite Preview, performed before the work to enable the public to enter into the heart of the process of making this extraordinary piece.

Choreography, direction : Joanne Leighton | Dancers : Lauren Bolze, Marion Carriau, Yannick Hugron | Assistant : Marie Fonte | Assistant : Jérôme Andrieu | Music & sound design : Peter Crosbie | Costumes, accessories : Alexandra Bertaut | Masks : Corine Petitpierre | Space, Lighting : Mana Gautier | Scenography Exquisite Traces : Nicolas Floc’h & Joanne Leighton, Marie Fonte | Exquisite Preview : Marie Fonte, Flore Khoury, Sabine Rivière | Technician : François Blet | Duration 60 mins | Photos © Patrick Berger, Laurent Philippe


Phillip Adams (AU), Stéphanie Aubin (FR), Simone Aughterlony (NZ), Marianne Baillot (PT), Kimberly Bartosik (US), Martin Bélanger (CA), Dominique Brun (FR), François Chaignaud (FR), YoungSoon Cho Jaquet (KR), Rosalind Crisp (AU), Ugo Dehaes (B), Mélanie Demers (CA), Danièle Desnoyers (CA), Herman Diephuis (NL), Stefan Dreher (DE), Radhouane El Meddeb (FR), Myriam Gourfink (FR), Caroline Grosjean (FR), Lucy Guerin (AU), Mia Habib (NO), Christophe Haleb (FR), Trajal Harrell (US), Ame Henderson (CA), David Hernandez (US), Lionel Hoche (FR), Marie-Caroline Hominal (CH), Sandra Iché (FR), Petter Jacobsson (FR/SE), Heather Kravas (US), Latifa Laâbissi (FR), Aude Lachaise (B/FR), Fabrice Lambert (FR), François Laroche-Valière (FR), Daniel Larrieu (FR), Joanne Leighton (B/AU), Maud Le Pladec (FR), Daniel Linehan (US), Faustin Linyekula (CG), Mark Lorimer (B/UK), Àngels Margarit Viñals (ES), Marlene Monteiro Freitas (CV), Mickaël Phelippeau (FR), Arco Renz (DE), Alban Richard (FR), Hervé Robbe (FR), Carlotta Sagna (IT), Caterina Sagna (IT), Philippe Saire (CH), Kosei Sakamoto (J), Zoe Scofield (CA), Ambra Senatore (IT), Misook Seo (KR), Morgan Thorson (US), Stéphanie Thiersch (DE), Mark Tompkins (FR/US), Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh (FR), Uiko Watanabe (J), Michael Whaites (AU).


Production WLDN | Coproduction La Briqueterie / CDCN du Val-de-Marne ; Espace 1789, scène conventionnée danse de Saint-Ouen; Le Phare, Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Normandie ; CCNN - Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes dans le cadre de l'Accueil Studio ; Théâtre Jacques Carat de Cachan ; Collectif Essonne Danse. In residence at Hivernales / CDCN d’Avignon and at Théâtre de la Passerelle in Palaiseau. Supported by the Departement of Val-de-Marne and the Departement of Seine-Saint-Denis. 
Created in reference to Exquisite Corpse (2012) ; Coproduction by the Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté à Belfort - Le Rive Gauche, scène conventionnée pour la danse - Saint-Etienne de Rouvray - Le Granit, scène nationale de Belfort - La Filature, scène nationale de Mulhouse. WLDN is supported by the French Minitry of Culture and Communication.